Twenty years ago, Rincon Consultants began serving government and industry with environmental sciences and planning consulting expertise. We extend our deepest appreciation to our demanding clients and dedicated staff for making Rincon an industry leader in California. Thank you!

"Rincon’s excellent analysis lead us to recognize our need for crafting conditions, and the project sailed through Council in part, because, as our consultant, they ensured we provided a complete project with all necessary analysis and requirements."

"Of greatest value is Rincon’s willingness and ability to go the extra mile to understand our business and operational needs and to deliver solutions around those needs."

"Rincon’s overall approach to SWPPP compliance has been very responsive and effective at dealing with the ever-evolving nature of storm water and sediment compliance on a large and active construction site."

"We have dealt with many environmental consultants over the years and Rincon is one of our most reliable and experienced consultants."

"From UST removals, to groundwater monitoring, to workplan development, environmental assessments, remedial activities and more, Rincon has proven themselves an organized, responsive, and thorough consulting firm."

Making a Difference

Rincon Consultants has provided a range of award-winning environmental sciences, land use planning, biological resources, and remediation services to a range of organizations and industries since 1994. Moving forward, we are expanding the depth of services we offer to help our clients achieve a more sustainable future.

Our team of planning professionals have years of experience in preparing well-rounded documents for both public and private sector clients. Our planning practice group is extremely knowledgeable in local, state, and federal rules and regulations and know how to create insightful yet easy to understand products.

  • CEQA and NEPA Compliance
  • General Plans and Elements, Specific Plans
  • Open Space and Trails Planning
  • Air Quality and Noise Analysis

The Biological and Wetland Resources group offers a range of biology and wetland resources services that serve public and private sector needs. Our comprehensive understanding of and objective approach to both the ecological and regulatory facets of biological resource issues ensure high value outcomes for our clients. The skills of our talented botanists, wildlife biologists, ecologists, and wetland scientists support projects from concept through implementation. Our capabilities are applied at scales ranging from the site, to the watershed or region.

Rincon provides regulatory compliance and permitting as it pertains to these areas of expertise. We stress direct participation of our principals in all projects, and take pride in providing high-quality service in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Rincon Consultants Water Resources group works closely with clients and agencies to plan, permit, and implement a variety of water resources projects, including water storage and distribution, recycled water, flood control, watershed management, and water rights permitting. Our team of water resources specialists consists of certified Qualified SWPPP Developers, Qualified SWPPP Practitioners, and Certified Inspectors of Sediment and Erosion Control.

Rincon’s Cultural Resources group is capably committed to providing high quality cultural resources services to private and public sector clients. Our group includes archaeologists who meet or exceed the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for prehistoric archaeology, historic archaeology, and history supported by qualified paleontologists, archaeological and paleontological technicians, GIS staff, technical editors, and document production specialists.

Rincon recognizes that addressing the challenges of climate change demands innovative solutions to bring local agencies in compliance with rapidly evolving environmental regulations, including AB 32, SB 97, and SB 375. A recognized leader in environmental and sustainability issues, Rincon’s team of planners, policy analysts, engineers, climate change and energy specialists, LEED® accredited professionals, and California Air Resources Board (CARB) accredited greenhouse gas emissions Lead Verifiers brings reliable expertise and creativity to this service line.