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Rincon Awarded LEED Silver Certification for Ventura Workplace

Posted on Wed, Apr 23, 2014

LEEDRincon is pleased to announce that is been awarded LEED Silver certification for their headquarters building located at 180 North Ashwood Avenue in Ventura, California. The LEED rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is the foremost program for buildings that are designed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.

“Building operations are nearly 40% of the solution to the global climate change challenge,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, of the U.S. Green Building Council. “While climate change is a global problem, innovative companies like Rincon Consultants are addressing it through local solutions.”

“We are proud of working on a sustainable building project that we can realize the benefits of every day when we come to work” says Erik Feldman, manager of the project, and Senior Program Manager with Rincon. “As we consult in a range of environmental and sustainability projects, it is a great experience to practice what we preach and reap the benefits.”

describe the imageRincon achieved the Silver certification in the LEED EB:OM (Existing Building: Operation and
Maintenance) category for its corporate headquarters in Ventura, California. This is the first private office building in the Ventura County area to receive a LEED certification, and one of only two in the Ventura-Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo tri-county region to do so. The LEED certification covers operational practices. Rincon’s circa-1960s building presented upgrade challenges as it was built decades before green building techniques had become widely used. Rincon’s in-house sustainability team devised a plan to significantly improve functionality through implementing waste stream reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency, and vehicle trip reduction. 

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The company adopted a green product purchasing and cleaning policies. The result is a workplace with a higher quality indoor environment and reduced impacts on the planet.

Rincon achieved LEED certification for implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high performance in: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. Major achievements include:

    • Water Efficiency – Building wide retrofits with ultra-low flow fixtures and planting of low-impact drought tolerant landscaping resulted in a reduction of per-capita water use by more than 50%. 
    • Energy & Atmosphere – Rincon’s building scored a 93 on the Energy Star Tool, which is 53% better than the nationwide median for comparable buildings. All interior space lighting is provided by natural light, LED, or CFL fixtures. The company itself has purchased several hybrid vehicles and so have numerous employees. Many other employees carpool, cycle, or walk to work. The firm also maintains a company bicycle for local trips.
    • Indoor Environmental Air Quality – Zero VOC paints and coatings are required for all interiors, and HVAC systems have been balanced to provide healthy levels of outdoor air. High rating MERV filters were also installed to keep particulate matter from entering the indoor environment. 
    • Materials and Resources – The firm purchases green-rated supplies and furnishings, including used furniture and recycled-content paper products.
    • Sustainable Sites – To help reduce light pollution in Ventura, Rincon reduced the wattage of all outside lights to below 50 Watts, employed covered light shades, and installed motion sensing security lights. Vehicles are washed with water collection tarps to trap contaminants and all outdoor cleaning supplies are Green Seal certified.

About LEED.  LEED is the foremost program for the design, construction and operation of green buildings. Over 44,000 projects are currently participating in the commercial and institutional LEED rating systems, comprising over 10.3 billion square feet of construction space in all 50 states and 135 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.usgbc.org/leed

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