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GHG Reporting and Verification Services Expanded to Washington State

Posted on Tue, Dec 12, 2017

Rincon Consultants, Inc. Expands GHG Reporting and Verification Services to Washington State in Support of Washington’s Clean Air Rule, Chapter 173-442 WAC and the
Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, Chapter 173-441 WAC

On September 15, 2016, the State of Washington adopted the Clean Air Rule in an effort to cap and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the State’s largest emitters, including stationary sources, petroleum product producers, importers, and distributors, and natural gas distributors. In support of the Clean Air Rule, Washington also adopted regulations establishing requirements for the reporting of GHG emissions and their verification by an accredited third-party. Washington’s GHG reporting and verification program is largely modeled after the California Air Resources Board (ARB) GHG program and requires facilities covered by the rule to submit an annual GHG emissions report, (began January 1, 2017), and subsequently have the reports verified by a GHG Verification Body accredited by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

ECYlogo.pngThis past September, nine Rincon staff members participated in the inaugural GHG verification training session hosted by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Based on Rincon’s extended history of providing GHG reporting and verification for industrial facilities in California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Colorado, Rincon was selected by Washington’s Department of Ecology as one of 15 accredited Verification Bodies. This is not the first time Rincon has helped kick-off a new statewide GHG reduction program. Rincon was also in part of ARB’s first GHG verification program in 2010, when we received accreditation as a Verification Body with specializations for the oil and gas and transaction sectors. Since then, we have continued to expand Rincon’s GHG reporting and verification services each year, adding new clients and increasingly complex facilities. Today, Rincon provides GHG reporting and verification services for the majority of California’s reported emissions and for some of the most complex facilities in the State, including the State’s largest oil refineries. Rincon is excited to continue to grow its verification services and work with old and new clients in a new place – the State of Washington!

Rincon will provide Washington State GHG Verification and Reporting Services from our Seattle field office. Staff are available to provide more information via phone at 206-971-1177 or you can contact Erik Feldman via e-mail at efeldman@rinconconsultants.com

Additional information about the program can be found here

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Rincon’s Sustainability Group Completes Greenhouse Gas Report Verification Assignments

Posted on Tue, Oct 1, 2013


Rincon’s Sustainability group completed several 2012 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Report verifications in compliance with Assembly Bill (AB) 32, California’s Global Warming Solution Act. Our Climate Action Team consists of California Air Resources Control Board (CARB) Accredited Lead GHG and GHG Offset Verifiers. Rincon Consultants is formally accredited by CARB as an AB 32 GHG and GHG Offset Verification Body.

In 2013, Rincon expanded its client base deeper into the industrial and energy market sectors. Our team completed verifications for oil and gas producers, pipeline oil heating, electric generation facilities, landfills, and fuel providers. The completion of these verifications placed our professionals throughout the state from California’s Placer County and the San Francisco Bay through the oil producing areas of the San Joaquin Valley, down to San Diego County, and into Texas.

CARB approved a revised final mandatory GHG reporting regulation (MRR) in December 2012, which became effective February, 2013 (Subchapter 10: Climate Change, Sections 95100-95158 of Title 17, California Code of Regulations). The changes to the regulation presented a few hurdles to this year’s reporting and verification process. However, in general, the reporters addressed amended regulations and requirements efficiently, and the reporting seems to be improving with each year.

With verification complete for the 2012 GHG verifications, Rincon’s Sustainability group now turns its focus to assisting clients with their 2013 GHG reporting responsibilities. As in past years, the reporting for facilities with emission above 25,000 metric tons of CO2e are due on April 10, 2014. Abbreviated reports (for facilities with emission below 25,000 metric tons) and electric power entity reports must have their reports certified as complete and accurate no later than June 1, 2014.

If you have any questions or need assistance with GHG reporting or verification assistance, please contact Erik Feldman at EFeldman@rinconconsultants.com

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