Rincon Consultants Principals


Michael P. Gialketsis

"A company is like a living thing, an organism, so you want to nurture the culture, and make it a fun and enriching place where staff can thrive and achieve their professional goals. The dynamics of successfully teaching and coaching a team to be excellent at what they do is both fascinating and personally rewarding."




Stephen Svete, AICP, LEED AP ND
Vice President

"I’m intrigued by the interrelationship between people and the landscapes in which they live, both urban and rural. If my work has an underlying goal, it is to help communities become more literate about their local environments. In the best cases, such communities are much more effective in implementing effective improvements.”




Walt Hamann, PG, CEG, CHG, QSD/P
Vice President

 “I believe that one of Rincon’s primary strengths is our ability to develop pragmatic solutions that strike a balance between regulatory requirements, technical constraints related to site assessment and cleanup, and costs.”





Duane Vander Pluym, D.Env.
Vice President

 “Environmental consulting is a fascinating practice since it is essentially about not only how people “play well with others” in terms of traffic, noise, air quality and similar issues, but also how they do so with the environment (biology, hydrology, geology) in which they live. Our practice is in part about getting these sometimes disparate entities to be compatible.”




Joe Power, AICP CEP

 “My favorite part of planning is working with communities to resolve issues. The planning and environmental review processes offer unique opportunities to meet common objectives through a combination of analysis, problem solving, and compromise.”





Richard Daulton, MURP

“Managing a team of professional planners and environmental scientists from diverse technical backgrounds and managing complex planning projects share a common challenge and common thrill: producing optimal outcomes by finding the unifying threads from a wide range of information and perspectives.”




John Dreher, Jr., LEED AP

 “I enjoy the challenge of guiding clients through the complex web of natural resource regulations.  I find that by applying common sense, a realistic approach, and applying practical science, we can achieve a project’s objectives while minimizing impacts to natural resources. With an ever-changing regulatory environment, I strive for my team to be a leader in the industry to provide our clients with the most current and effective solutions.”



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Lacrissa Cook Davis, MESM

 "The rapid pace of change in today’s economy, regulatory climate, and technological advancements, makes it such an exciting time to be a part of the environmental profession. Our challenge as consultants is not to keep pace, but to look ahead and share that vision with our clients so that they can best prepare for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow."




Colby J. Boggs, MS

 “Solid relationships, whether professional or otherwise, are the cornerstone for enjoyment of one’s life.  Enjoyment derived from who you surround yourself with and what you do on a day-to-day basis drives us all to achieve great things regardless of profession and transcends the workplace into satisfaction in personal endeavors as well.  As a consultant, I strive to facilitate, take pride in and enjoy balancing the achievement of client objectives, resource conservation and staff career goals, as well as life’s pursuits in general; all not possible without solid relationships.”



Jennifer Haddow, PhD

"I have been fortunate enough to work in consulting in a number of different areas, and it has allowed me to meet remarkable people on both the client and colleague sides. I am hopeful that I can convey the benefit of these relationships through my work products and mentorships that inevitebly come with my position."


Steven J. Hongola


"It is a privilege to collaborate with a great team of colleagues here at Rincon and build upon the foundational practices that have made our company a leader in the environmental consulting industry. In addition to providing exceptional products and services to our clients, I believe that focusing on the professional growth of our team members and fostering a winning culture play significant roles in driving the success of the firm.”