One of the first steps following the adoption of this program was to establish an environmental impact baseline for the firm by conducting a Corporate Resource Usage Audit and In-house Survey of staff regarding business and personal practices.  With the guidance provided by these survey tools, Rincon has initiated companywide programs such as:

  • Green Procurement Practices – provided vendors with a voluntary green practices survey to establish a list of preferred vendors; provided reusable water bottles to the staff; replaced bottled water delivery with filtration system, confirmed that office supplies and paper were from recycled and sustainable product suppliers.
  • Comprehensive Waste Reduction and Recycling Program - includes adoption of a formal recycling program, e-waste collection and recycling for each office and staff materials, green/recycled materials purchase program, two-sided print policy, move to electronic deliverables and paperless payroll.
  • Energy Efficiency Program – includes bulb replacement with CFLs, purchase of energy efficient servers, investigation of green switch, and replacement of refrigerator with new Energy Star unit.
  • Purchase of Hybrid Fleet – the company has replaced a number of fleet vehicles with hybrid vehicles.
  • Bike Program – a bicycle is provided at onsite office locations for use by all staff for lunch time and local transit needs.

To monitor and strengthen the company's green programs, the firm continues to maintain a Green Team to oversee green practices throughout the company and to advise the Board of Directors on key decisions going forward.  Each office has a Green Team member who keeps other staff informed of current practices and collects and recycles e-waste.  Additionally, Rincon has recently expanded its service offerings into sustainable business and development.  A number of Rincon staff have been certified as LEED® Accredited Professionals by the U.S. Green Building Council and are qualified to provide environmentally sustainable design services, including Brownfield assessments, storm water management, greenhouse gas audits, strategic planning, and design and policy development.

Sustainable Ventura Green Business Profile