Recreation and Open Space Project Experience

  • ƒ Open Space, Trail, and Greenway Planning Study - Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District
  • ƒ City of Marina Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update - City of Marina
  • ƒ University Park Master Plan - California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)
  • ƒ Claremont Wilderness Park and Thompson Creek Trail Parking Lots Expansion Project IS-MND - City of Claremont
  • ƒ Chorro Valley Trail Feasability Study & Constraints Analysis - San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
  • ƒ Highway 126 Bicycle Path Gap Closure Phase II Project - City of Ventura
  • ƒ Franklin Trail Environmental Assessment - Santa Barbara County Parks
  • ƒ Santa Fe Bike Path/Multi-Purpose Trail Connection Project EIR - Tulare County Association of Governments