Rincon not only helps guide clients through California environmental laws and regulations, but assists with projects requiring federal oversight. Our work with these agencies is designed to meet the government's specialized requirements for environmental safety. Through the use of our General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule, we are authorized to provide environmental consulting services on federal government projects across the United States.  Our staff assists with preparing NEPA documentation on projects utilizing federal funding; completing permit applications for construction projects requiring approval from the US Fish and Wildlife Services and US Army Corps of Engineers; and  providing consultations regarding Sections 106 and 100 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Federal Government Projects


Rincon is highly familiar with California’s stringent environmental policies and is able to help navigate a project through the maze of laws and regulations.  Our staff members are well-versed in California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) guidelines and routinely work with State agencies such as Caltrans, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the State Lands Commission, the Coastal Commission, and the Native American Heritage Commission.  

State Government Projects

Local & Regional

Through our eight California offices, Rincon offers Cities and Counties a strong, local presence to assist with upcoming projects. Our team currently holds a number of on-call service contracts with municipalities across the State and provides these local governments with direct access to our long list of consulting services and knowledgeable consultants.  We have worked with both the private sector as well as government agencies on public utility, infrastructure, transportation, and public works projects and have held many on-call environmental consulting services contracts and been included on several qualified consultant lists throughout California. Projects stretching across single or multiple counties are often overseen by a regional government agency.  Rincon maintains relationships with a number of these regional government agencies and has experience preparing the following types of projects for regional areas: climate action plans, regional transportation plans and sustainable communities strategies, housing inventories, habitat conservation plans, and open space plans.  

Local & Regional Government Projects