Regional Planning

A regional transportation plan, along with a sustainable communities strategy, can be a valuable resource to provide transportation facilities while protecting the environment, public health, and quality of life. Rincon prepared regional transportation plan EIRs analyze project impacts on the physical environment and identify strategies to avoid or mitigate significant environmental effects. 

Regional Planning Projects

Highways, Roads, & Bridges

Planning and constructing highways and local roadways with minimal environmental impacts can be a daunting task. Rincon understands the dynamics of transportation facilities and can balance the need for meeting regulatory agency compliance and project goals. 

Highways, Roads, & Bridges Projects

Railways and Transit

We have developed a reputation for successfully completing the environmental analysis and permitting processes for a number of transit, parking, railway, and transportation-systems projects for both large and small municipalities.

Railways and Transit Projects

Active Transportation

There has been a growing recognition of the value of a new kind of transportation systems: multi-purpose trails. As the design theories of “new urbanism” gain popularity, communities are accommodating pedestrians and cyclists in their transportation planning efforts. Rincon assists clients with opportunity identification, trail planning, and grant acquisition for bicycle, walking, jogging, horseback riding, and other trails.

Active Transportation Projects

Airport Facilities

Airports require a unique set of capabilities and resources to successfully complete environmental consulting services. Environmental services provided for airport facilities are conducted as part of larger design/build efforts, planning efforts, compliance activities, and construction management support.

Airport Facilities Projects