Telecommunications Project Experience

  • ƒƒ AT&T - Biological Assessments, NEPA Compliance and Permitting Support
  •  Cardno/ATC - Biological Resource and Habitat Assessments for Hundreds of Projects
  • ƒƒ Sprint PCS/Cox Communications - More than 600 Environmental Site Assessments
  • ƒƒ Verizon Wireless - Biological Assessments and Environmental Site Assessments
  • ƒƒ County of Kings - Biological Investigation for Telecommunications Facility
  • ƒƒ City of Guadalupe - Conditional Use Permit Application Processing for the Installation of Wireless Facilities
  • ƒƒ First Carbon Solutions Telecommunications Tower - On-Call Biological and Environmental Services for Telecommunications Tower and Facility Projects
  • ƒƒ SFC Consultants - Biological Assessments for Cell Tower Sites
  • ƒƒ Nextel - Biological Assessments for Cell Tower Sites