6th Street Viaduct Replacement Project

Client: Skanska Stacy & Witbeck
February 19, 2015- present
$400,000 contract


Bridge Construction Project

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Project-Wide Groundwater and Soil Mitigation Plan

Rincon provided environmental support services to the project construction team responsible for the demolition and reconstruction of the 6th Street Viaduct, which crosses the Los Angeles River to the east of downtown Los Angeles.  Skanska-Stacy and Witbeck implemented the project on behalf of the City of Los Angeles.

Rincon’s roles on this project included the development and implementation of a Job-wide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Caltrans Water Pollution Control Plan; a Job-wide Groundwater and Soil Mitigation Plan; a SCAQMD Fugitive Dust Control Plan; Phase II environmental site assessment sampling on former industrial properties that occupy the footprint of the new bridge; and on-site supervision of lead and asbestos abatement activities. The project involves demolition of existing 6th Street Viaduct and surrounding building structures. The new bridge will connect the community of Boyle Heights to the Los Angeles Arts District.

Specifically, Rincon developed and implemented the SWPPP, Caltrans Water Pollution Control Program, Water Pollution Control Drawings, Rain Event Action Plans, SWPPP amendments, and Annual Storm Water Compliance Reports. In addition, Rincon QSP/ D’s also conducted the following tasks: daily and weekly storm water compliance inspections, quarterly non-storm water inspections, pre, during, and post-storm event inspections, storm water sampling and analysis, non-storm water sampling and analysis, and contractor BMP compliance training.

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