chino resized 600Rincon provided environmental compliance monitoring for the installation of a soldier pile retaining wall along a section of gas pipeline that become exposed when a hillside had eroded away. The project site was located on Chino Hills State Park property and in the vicinity of sensitive species, including the coastal California gnatcatcher. Services provided included daily monitoring of construction activities and daily phone calls to SCG managers to provide updates on work progress.

Following completion of construction, Rincon initiated a three-year coastal sage scrub habitat restoration of the construction site. This restoration project was particularly challenging due to the remote nature of the project and the lack of an available water source on-site. Rincon researched water containment systems an acquired a water pillow (collapsible water tank) that would be used to provide water, which was applied to the plants through careful coordination with subconsultants. Despite the challenges inherent to this project, the program resulted in successful creation of habitat that attracted a variety of wildlife species, the red diamond rattlesnake (Crotalus ruber), a State Species of Special Concern.

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