Wetland Area Management Plan for the Bailey WetlandsUnder contract with the City of Lompoc Rincon's team of biologists developed a management plan to protect, maintain, and enhance a naturally occurring wetland and riparian area within the city limits. Given historic and current development around this natural feature, the goal of the Plan was to establish protective measures and appropriate Best Management Practices to ensure construction activities, as well as increased human presence do not adversely affect this isolated ecosystem. As part of plan development, Rincon conducted focused surveys for rare plants, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protocol California red-legged frog surveys, other focused surveys for special-status aquatic species such as the southwest pond turtle and two-striped garter snake, focused surveys for southwest willow flycatcher and least Bell's vireo, and conducted a wetland delineation using Corps approved methodologies. Other important components of the Bailey Wetland Area Management Plan include detailed sections on biotechnical erosion control and habitat restoration and long-term monitoring.

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