Fire Responses

  • Thomas Fire Toland Road Landfill Burn Waste Management Oversight, CIH Air Quality Monitoring in the Breathing Zone, Botanical Analysis - Ventura Regional Sanitation District
  • Tea Fire Response Emergency Sediment Removal Clearance Surveys for Steelhead Trout and Tidewater Goby - Santa Barbara County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
  • Witch Creek Fire Response Erosion and Invasive Species Control - The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe
  • ‚Station Fire Response Angeles National Forest Tree Plantings Inspection Support Services - Natural Resources Management Corporation
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plan and Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan CEQA Documentation - City of Goleta

Storm Responses

  • ‚‚ Graham Hill Bridge Storm Damage Repair Project Biological Surveys, Construction Monitoring, and Regulatory Permitting - County of Santa Cruz Department of Public Works
  • ‚‚ Glenwood Drive Storm Damage Roadway Repair Project Biological and Botanical Surveys - County of Santa Cruz Department of Public Works
  • ‚‚ Santa Rosa Creek Road Culvert Emergency Project Biological Monitoring Services and Species Surveys - County of San Luis Obispo Department of Public Works
  • ‚‚ Gallery Wells Emergency Repair Project CEQA Documentation - Heritage Ranch Community Services District
  • ‚‚ La Conchita Slope Stabilization Project Comparative Environmental Analysis Memo - Private Consultant

Spill and Emergency Repair Responses

  •  James Way Ditch Emergency Waterline Repair Construction Monitoring and Regulatory Permitting - City of Arroyo Grande
  • ‚‚ Pipeline Anomaly Emergency Repairs Construction Monitoring - Southern California Gas Company
  • ‚‚ Pipeline Spill Response Support Soil Sampling - Crimson Pipeline