Open Space, Trail, and Greenway Planning Study

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Rincon Consultants developed an Open Space, Trail, and Greenway Planning Study (OSTGPS) for the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District (PVRPD).  PVRPD is a special district for the purpose of providing recreation and park services and facilities for more than 74,000 residents within their 45-square-mile service area in western Ventura County.  In 2012, PVRPD applied for and received a grant from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to develop the OSTGPS for the approximately 9,848 acres of land within the PVRPD service area that was also within part of the Conservancy boundary.  Specifically, the project was intended to:

  • Provide an inventory of land by ownership and map these areas;
  • analyze ownership patterns, trail systems, and greenway usage of the area;
  • protect natural habitat and wildlife corridors;
  • identify regional public open spaces;
  • increase public trailheads and access; and
  • connect communities together through a system of bike paths and hiking trails.

The OSTGPS will be critical for future planning of land and easement acquisition for the purposes of outdoor recreation, as well as for identifying leveraging opportunities with resource and land management partners, and developing a multi-organizational open space preservation plan.  For this project, Rincon partnered with P&ES.  Click on the buttons below to download the Recommendations section and/or the Hiking and Biking Trails and Trailheads map from the Planning Study.

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Download PVRPD Open Space Planning Study Recommendations

 Download PVRPD Open Space Planning Study Map