Santa Fe Bike Path/Multi-Purpose Trail Connection

Santa Fe Bike Path/Multi-Purpose Trail ConnectionAs part of the team headed by RRM Design Group, Rincon Consultants prepared the CEQA/NEPA documentation for the Santa Fe Bike Path/Multi-Purpose Trail Connection in Tulare County. The project involved construction of an 8-mile long trail that will run parallel to an existing railroad line. The trail will be a bike path/multi-purpose regional trail for non-motorized transportation and recreation including biking, walking, jogging, wheelchair use, and sections available for equestrian riding. The corridor will connect the City of Visalia and the city of Tulare along the Santa Fe Railroad alignment running through parts of unincorporated Tulare County surrounded by intensive agriculture. The project involved all three Rincon service lines working together to produce a Biological Resource Assessment, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, and CEQA and NEPA compliance documentation.

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