Templeton-Atascadero Bikeway Constraints Analysis

empleton-Atascadero Bikeway Constraints Analysis

Rincon Consultants prepared a detailed constraints study to help the County of San Luis Obispo determine the best route to link the communities of Atascadero and Templeton between Highway 101 and the Salinas River with a bikeway.  In places, there are disjointed pathways, such as a bike path paralleling a portion of Traffic Way adjacent to The Lakes development in Atascadero, but there are no cohesive links between the towns.  This lack of connectivity forces cyclists to use existing roadways that were constantly loaded with significant traffic.

The study considered environmental issues, land acquisition concerns, costs, safety, and engineering constraints in developing its conclusions.  Ultimately, the study concluded that there were superior and more cost-effective routes than an active rail right-of-way, which had been presumed to be the preferred option before the study.  The study will be used by the County to help secure funding for the project’s next phase, which will be to acquire right-of-way and design the trail itself.

In 2005, Rincon was awarded the Association of Environmental Professionals, Outstanding Environmental Resource Document for Jurisdictions under 50,000 Population for the Templeton-Atascadero Bikeway Connector Trail Constraints Report.

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