SR 126 Bike Path Gap Closure MND/CE

describe the imageRincon Consultants prepared the CEQA/NEPA Documentation for the Highway 126 Bicycle Path Gap Closure Phase II Project located in the City of Ventura.  The purpose of the proposed bicycle path gap closure project was to close the existing gap in the pedestrian and bicycle path between the residential neighborhood and the Ventura Community Park, located on the west and east sides of the Harmon Barranca, respectively.  Harmon Barranca is an active streambed and is heavily vegetated.  Rincon concluded that the CEQA document would be a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) and the NEPA document would be a Categorical Exclusion (CE).  To support the NEPA CE, Rincon prepared a number of technical studies.  These studies were also used as appropriate in the IS/MND to substantiate the environmental analysis.  These studies included a biological resources evaluation (NES), floodplain study, water quality study, and an agriculture study.

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