Oxnard Village Mixed Use Development EIR

describe the imageRincon prepared an EIR on a specific plan involving the redevelopment of a 64-acre area in north Oxnard with a mix of commercial and residential uses.  The residential component of the project includes four housing types, including three high rise towers.  A proposed mixed use area would accommodate about 46,000 square feet of retail space. The project site was bordered by U.S. Highway 101, the Union Pacific railroad right-of-way and several major thoroughfares.  The aesthetic characteristics of the site were a major concern for the City due to the high-profile location. Currently occupying the site were designated historic resources as well as a mobile home park.  Construction of the project would require demolition of the historic structures and dislocation of the existing area residents.  In addition to performing analysis of the geology & soils, hazards, public services, utilities, traffic, and aesthetics, Rincon performed a peer review of the cultural resources report for the project to ensure all environmental issues had been taken into consideration.

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