Simi Valley Town Center Specific Plan EIR

Rincon prepared an EIR on a Specific Plan for an undeveloped, 129-acre hillside site that involved 500 multi-family residences and 1.3 million square feet of commercial space, including a new regional mall. The proposed specific plan superceded a previously approved specific plan for the site that also involved a regional mall.  Key EIR issues included changes to views from public rights-of-way associated with the conversion of a highly visible hillside area, alteration of a major onsite drainage and associated biological resource impacts, and geologic concerns relating to the presence of an active fault that traverses the site.  The EIR also highlighted a variety of project benefits, including the increase in sales tax revenues to the City and the reduction in the average vehicle trip length and associated reduction in regional air pollutant emissions due to the provision of improved shopping opportunities in closer proximity to Simi Valley residents.