On-Call Planning and Environmental Review ServicesRincon provides ongoing planning and environmental compliance services for the City of Guadalupe. This role consists of full-service contract planning to Guadalupe, as the City has no in-house planning staff. Rincon staff is responsible for review and processing of all development applications as well as all long-range planning needs including State-required updates of the City's General Plan and City-initiated updates to the Zoning Code. Rincon provides Director-level planning services, including staffing the Planning Commission, presenting planning-related items to the City Council, and participating in inter-departmental Development Review Committee meetings. Rincon staff has also taken a lead role in overhauling departmental protocol and administrative procedures to improve departmental responsiveness and efficiencies. Environmental review of both City sponsored projects and private developments is provided by Rincon as well, and Rincon staff work closely with the City Administrator, City Engineer, and other City Department heads on a variety of projects and programs.

Recent City-sponsored projects that Rincon has supported include the preparation of an Mitigated Negative Declaration for the City's Redevelopment Plan Amendment, environmental and zoning compliance review for a new water well and Public Works building, and representing the City on the SBCAG Technical Planning Advisory Committee for the latest Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) cycle.