City of Avalon General Plan and EIR

AvalonHarborRincon Consultants assisted the City of Avalon with preparation of a Comprehensive Update of the General Plan and Local Coastal Plan, Housing Element Update, and associated Environmental Impact Report. 

The City of Avalon is the only incorporated city on the otherwise unincorporated Santa Catalina Island, the most developed of California’s Channel Islands.  The City encompasses an area of three square miles and had an estimated population of 3,540 in 2009.  The goal of the General Plan/Local Coastal Plan Update is to help the City serve the needs of its permanent residents and the tourist population while protecting the natural resources that make it a popular destination. As such, the General Plan/Local Coastal and EIR address a number of issues that are important to the coastal community including environmental conservation, sustainability, and cultural resources. 

The General Plan/Local Coastal Plan includes a number of policies and implementation measures that are designed to be consistent with AB32 and SB375 including promoting infill development rather than sprawling development on the hillsides surrounding Avalon, providing circulation improvements that reduce vehicle miles traveled and encourage bicycling and walkability, and encouraging renewable energy infrastructure projects to meet the energy increased demands of residents and tourists in the future.

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