CEQA/NEPA and Environmental Site Assessments for the Community Development Block Grant Program

describe the imageFor the past 12 years (under four consecutive 3-year contracts) Rincon has provided CEQA/NEPA documentation and consulting services to the Los Angeles Community Development Commission. Stephen Svete, AICP, LEED AP ND, and Joe Power, AICP, have managed the preparation of all NEPA-required environmental documentation for projects proposed under the CDBG Program within unincorporated Los Angeles County and 48 cooperating cities within the County during this timeframe. Dr. Duane Vander Pluym managed this project for three years while with another firm and continues to provide technical review for noise, air quality, and biological resources. Typical projects addressed concerned small-scale housing, commercial, and industrial development, senior centers, recreational facility upgrades, and improvements to public infrastructure. CEQA-required documentation was also prepared for those projects located within the unincorporated area. The environmental assessments follow the U.S. Housing and Urban Development short form methodology, which allowed for rapid assessment of environmental issues and processing of the documents. Under this contract, Rincon has also provided on-site staffing as well as technical assistance in a range of technical areas, including global climate change, “green” building regulation, and electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Another critical component of the contract involves soil and groundwater assessment and remediation. Rincon has directed numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and provided human health risk assessment and expert review of technical reports for a variety of CDC projects, including those involving reuse of former oil refinery, gas station, mixed use industrial, and chemical factory sites. Some notable projects are listed below:

    • Ujima Village environmental consultation, Willowbrook
    • West Hollywood elevator replacement, West Hollywood
    • Slauson Station Apartments metal plating facility redevelopment into residential, South Central Los Angeles
    • Hacienda Heights park, Hacienda Heights
    • Brownfields redevelopment of the Golden Springs refinery- City of Santa Fe Springs
    • Redevelopment of a Van Waters and Rogers chemical handling facility into a proposed community center
    • Development of a child care center, City of Santa Clarita
    • Development of senior housing, Pasadena
    • Redevelopment of a 1950s vintage oil refinery into a condominium complex
    • Development of a community center over a former slaughter house
    • Development of office complexes over former oil fields (oil wells and tank farms)

describe the imageRincon is also currently preparing the required NEPA documentation for the CDC’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). We have prepared in excess of 50 CEs under this program.

In addition to our CEQA/NEPA work, Rincon is assisting the CDC with implementing a Sustainability Consultation Program. This program will assist developers in identifying opportunities for integrating sustainable design features and best practices for building construction and operation that will bring new projects within the CDC’s jurisdiction into compliance with the requirements established by Title 24 and SB 375. Example projects to be funded with these resources include public service grants, single and multi-family rehabilitation, commercial rehabilitation, architectural barrier removal, public works improvements, housing production, park and recreation improvements and other economic development programs. Project recipients are located within unincorporated County areas as well as within the corporate jurisdictions of 48 participating cities for which CDC administers such programs.

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