Charnock Well Field Restoration Project EIRIn 1996, the Charnock well field was shut down due to the detection of gasoline compounds, specifically methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), in the water supply from nearby gasoline stations. At the time that the well field was shut down, the Charnock well field was supplying the City with approximately 50% of its potable water. The proposed Charnock Well Head Treatment System will be located at the well field and would involve installation of a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter system to treat water from three contaminated wells within the Charnock well field.

This project was unique to the CEQA process because it involved project sites at three different locations throughout the city. Rincon's graphics team was tasked with creating photosimulations using 3-D technology that would show the final treatment system tanks that would be located at the Charnock location. The aesthetic properties of the new system are important due to its location in a residential area. The photosimulations depicted the set of tanks with surrounding trees, fences, and other landscaping to help the community visualize the final result.

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