Rincon recently finished an EIR for a proposed 112-unit subdivision on the 14,000-acre Santa Margarita Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. The current site is agricultural land and the development of housing units will drastically change the character of the site. 

Rincon's graphics team was called upon to use GIS technology to explore the different areas that would be affected by the final buildout of units. The soils, liquefaction, and stability were just some of the different layers that were entered into GIS to produce maps showing the differences in the terrain of the area. The client provided a map of the housing tract to be built and Rincon's graphics team over-layed the map onto the GIS maps to show the environmental impacts that would occur from the project.

GIS technology was also used to evaluate the Future Development Program for the project. The Future Development Program is a conceptual future buildout of the entire Santa Margarita Ranch, which we analyzed along with the 112-unit subdivision. This development would be substantially larger than the subdivision; about 14,000 acres and 500+ homes were digitally created and overlayed into GIS for analysis. 

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Santa Margarita Ranch EIR
Santa Margarita Ranch GIS Map