Downtown Ventura Sewer Main and Water Main Replacement and Storm Drain Improvements Project

Client: City of Ventura

Vta Construction Monitoring resized 600Rincon Consultants was involved in two separate parts of the City of Ventura’s Downtown Sewer and Water Line Replacement Project.  Our planning services group prepared the CEQA documentation for the project and our Site Assessment group performed construction monitoring while the work was being performed.  The project involved replacement of 6,200 linear feet of deteriorated water main lines and accessories and 4,200 linear feet of sewer main lines and accessories in downtown Ventura.  It also called for construction of new water and sewer mains underneath existing roadways throughout the downtown area as well as proposed storm drain improvements at a number of locations in the same area.  The new water and sewer lines would tie into currently existing water and sewer lines. 

In 2008, the City began the construction phase of the project.  During the water and sewer line replacement project, trenching was conducted within several streets and in places, the trenching was adjacent to gasoline service stations that have known releases of petroleum hydrocarbons which have affected the soil and groundwater.  On behalf of the City of San Buenaventura, Rincon Consultants conducted environmental monitoring during the trenching to monitor the excavations for the presence of petroleum-impacted soil. 

Obvious soil discoloration, petroleum odors and elevated photoionization detector readings were noted for soil excavated during trenching.  The analytical results for the soil samples collected from the trenches indicated that elevated concentrations of gasoline and diesel range petroleum hydrocarbons were detected.  The detected concentrations were such that the soil required special handling and was recommended to be disposed at Santa Maria Sanitary Landfill.  This aspect of the project showcases Rincon’s experience in construction monitoring for public works projects. 

To minimize the disruption to traffic flow in the work areas, the trenching and pipeline replacements were performed at night.

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