Subsurface Investigation and Remediation for The Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum Remediation

Rincon was retained to conduct a Subsurface Investigation, Phase II ESA, and over see the Remediation for the proposed renovation of the northern portion of the Santa Fe Depot baggage building and the former Railway Express Agency building for the development of office space for The Museum of Contemporary Art.

The concrete and asphalt floor in the Santa Fe Depot baggage building was removed for construction of a new floor. This required the removal of shallow soils present within 18 inches of the current grade. The Museum plans to redevelop the former REA building area with a 3-story structure, and this required the removal of shallow soils and installation of several mat footings and drilled pilings.

Rincon conducted a Subsurface Investigation where scientists collected soil borings, tested soil samples, and found elevated levels of lead and petroleum hydrocarbons (oil range) in and near surface soils on the site.  Rincon then monitored the remedial excavation and collected confirmation soil samples.

The remediation strategy included preparing a Health and Safety Plan, using a skip-loader to remove contaminated soil, collecting and analyzing samples from the bottom and sidewalls of the excavation, and preparing a Report of Remediation Oversight.

Rincon observed the excavation of 1,073 tons of lead and/or petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil, collected confirmation soil samples, and observed the loading of soil with total lead concentrations greater than 40mg/kg and petroleum hydrocarbon levels greater than 10 mg/kg for transportation from the site.

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