Vantage Pointe Condominiums Environmental Assessments

Vantage Pointe Condos2 resized 600Vantage Pointe condominiums are built on a site that had known environmental contamination. To prepare the site for this residential development Rincon provided environmental assessments and remediation services on behalf of Pointe of View, the site developer. The site included three former gasoline stations, a dry cleaner, undocumented fill, and documented free product floating on the groundwater.

After completing a Phase I, Rincon conducted a Phase II that included a geophysical survey and soil sampling. Based on the results of the Phase II, potential environmental liabilities were identified. At our recommendation the project was entered into the Voluntary Assistance Program with the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health.

A remedial action plan, including a health risk assessment, was then completed for the project, assuming that contaminated soils and free product would be left in place beneath the parking structure. The assessment indicated that there would not be a health risk to the residents of the proposed structure. Rincon was also selected to conduct remediation concurrently during grading for six levels of underground parking.

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