Balboa Middle School New Bus Turnout – School Bus Diesel Particulates Health Risk Assessment

Client: Ventura Unified School District

Rincon Consultants completed a HRA regarding the potential for diesel particulates, an identified carcinogen, to affect the students and faculty within nearby buildings that would be located adjacent to a new bus turnout.  Diesel particulate matter impacts associated with the bus turnout were assessed based on the scenarios developed by the CARB for the Risk Reduction Plan to Reduce Particulate Matter Emissions from Diesel-Fueled Engines and Vehicles (October 2000).  The scenarios included developing estimates of the number and activity pattern of the buses used at the school based on a field visit and information from VUSD staff.  Subsequent to determining possible concentrations at the exposed structures, a health risk analysis was conducted using standardized health risk equations and methodologies based on the USEPA Human Health Evaluation Manual (1991).  It was determined that neither the carcinogenic health risk nor the chronic health risk associated with this facility would exceed significance criteria for either students or staff.  However, it was determined that nuisance odor effects were an issue and specific recommendations regarding the specific stopping location of the buses, ventilation requirements, and traffic management were made.

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