Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse – Methane Mitigation Design, Inspection, and Oversight

Lowes Barrier

Rincon Consultants provided third party technical oversight for the design and installation of a Level V methane mitigation system for a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse (HIW) located in the City of Los Angeles.  The project involved two primary tasks as described below.

Lowe’s HIW retained Rincon Consultants as a technical expert to review and provide recommendations on a Level V active methane mitigation system for a 142,247 square foot Lowe’s HIW.  Due to the elevated methane gas concentrations and the total petroleum hydrocarbon impacts to the shallow soils, it was critical that the active sub-slab mitigation system was designed appropriately to mitigate the potential vapor intrusion of methane and volatile organic compounds.  The active methane mitigation system included active and passive sub-slab system, 13 vent risers, gas detection system for the building and sub-slab system, mechanical ventilation for the building and sub-slab system, alarm system, and control panel.  Rincon also provided design recommendations to reduce the potential impacts to the methane mitigation system from typical operations at the store.

Rincon’s LADBS Deputy Building Inspector provided third party methane mitigation inspections throughout the construction of the Lowe’s HIW.  Rincon provided oversight to ensure the methane mitigation system was installed per the LADBS approved plans and manufactures specifications.  As a result of Rincon oversight, we helped improve the QA/QC standards while ensuring the schedule and project budget where not impacted.

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