Former Lumber Yard – City of Lompoc

Lumber YardRincon Consultants completed environmental consulting services for a former Lumber Yard site located in Lompoc, California.  The environmental consulting services completed for the project included a Phase I ESA including regulatory records review, a Phase II ESA including a soil sampling assessment, and two Follow up Soil Assessments. 

DrillersDuring the completion of the Phase I ESA, which included a review of the regulatory agency file maintained by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Rincon identified former industrial uses of the site that had the potential to impact the subsurface.  The former use of the site includes a lumber storage yard, with a former crude oil tank, former railroad tracks and a former leaking underground storage tank (UST).  Based on the Phase I ESA findings, Rincon was retained to complete a Phase II ESA that included soil sampling for metals, total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs).  Based on the findings of the Phase II ESA, additional follow-up soil sampling was conducted at the site to define the vertical and lateral extent of TPH-contaminated soil identified in the vicinity of the former crude oil tank.  Based on the findings of the Phase II ESA and follow-up soil sampling, Rincon recommended soil excavation to remediate the TPH-contaminated soil.

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