Route 5/170 Widening Project SWPPP Compliance Services

SWPPP BMPsRincon Consultants is currently providing SWPPP compliance services for the Route 5/170 Road Widening project located in San Fernando, Los Angeles County, California.  The project consists of road and bridge widening, construction of retaining walls and two new connecting bridges.  The Tujunga Wash, Branford Channel, and Pacoima Wash are located within the project limits and the construction of the two new bridges will occur over the Tujunga Wash. Rincon’s scope of work for this project involves six principal tasks that are being conducted during the 36-month project schedule:

  1. Preparation of a SWPPP
  2. Water Pollution Control Management
  3. Preparation of Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs)
  4. Qualifying Rain Event Inspections
  5. Analysis of Stormwater Samples
  6. Storm Water Annual Report
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