Cal Poly Recreation Center Construction Project SWPPP Compliance


Rincon Consultants provided Risk Level III Storm Water Pollution Plan Prevention (SWPPP) inspection services to the California Polytechnic University- San Luis Obispo for Cal Poly’s Recreation Center construction project.  The project includes construction of weight rooms, jogging tracks, meeting rooms, swimming pool area, basketball courts, multiuse facilities, and supporting areas.  Rincon Consultants provided a QSP to conduct Risk Level III SWPPP inspections to maintain compliance with the Construction General Permit 2009-0009-DWQ (CGP) and the SWPPP prepared specifically for the project.  Rincon also monitored weather, took photographs, and prepared REAPs as warranted during the construction of this on-campus facility.  We worked with Cal Poly to ensure that the contractor met the SWPPP permit requirements. 

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