Westlake Village Community Park Project SWPPP Compliance Services

WLV_SWPPPThe City of Westlake Village, Westlake Village Community Foundation, and the Triunfo branch of the Southeast Ventura County YMCA joined together in a unique partnership to develop 52 acres of hillside in Westlake Village, California into what will be known as the Westlake Village Park and YMCA. The project site is located at on the north side of Thousand Oaks Boulevard between Corsa Avenue and Via Colinas, Los Angeles County, California. This community park and YMCA facility will provide both indoor and outdoor health and well-being activities for children, teens, older adults and families. The master plan for the site includes a full-service YMCA facility, eight acres of active baseball, softball and soccer fields, and various other recreational amenities. The project will be constructed in two phases and will involve multiple contractors (ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, Toro Enterprises and Matt Construction are currently on-site). The cost for site development is approximately 13 million dollars.

In October 2012, ValleyCrest requested Rincon’s Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) to provide a Level II Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and conduct inspections to maintain compliance with the Construction General Permit (CGP) 2009-0009-DWQ as amended by 2010-0014-DWQ.  In November 2012, Rincon Consultants, Inc. was pleased to present ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance with an updated Risk Level II Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the Westlake Village Community Park project.

The project site generally slopes to the south toward East Thousand Oaks Boulevard with several gullies draining from north to south. Runoff from the project site discharges into the existing MS4 system and do not directly discharge to a waterbody.  The closest waterbody to the project site is Lindero Creek which discharges into Lake Lindero.  Lindero Creek is located approximately 0.3 miles to the east of the project site.

Rincon is currently responsible for the following: SWPPP, Water Pollution Control Drawings, Rain Event Action Plans, SWPPP amendments, and Annual Storm Water Compliance Reports.  In addition, Rincon also manages the following tasks: weekly storm water compliance inspections, quarterly non-storm water inspections, pre, during, and post storm event inspections, storm water sampling and analysis, non-storm water sampling and analysis, and contractor stormwater compliance training.

Rincon Consultants has worked diligently to maintain a professional relationship with ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance through effective communication, coordination of weekly inspections and timely production and delivery of inspection reports. Rincon Consultants consistently invites the contractor to participate in weekly on-site inspections. This promotes teamwork, effective communication and allows for issues and any immediate concerns to be addressed while both the contractor and inspector are on-site. To date, the project has never been out of compliance.

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