Rincon prepared an EIR examining the impacts of introducing an ordinance that bans plastic bags by San Mateo County. The proposed ordinance would regulate the use of paper and plastic single use carryout bags within the participating municipalities. Participating municipalities include the County of San Mateo and 24 cities in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The proposed ordinance will apply to all retail establishments located within the limits of the participating municipalities, including those selling clothing, food, and personal items directly to the customer; but not to restaurants. The ordinance will act as a model for each participating municipality to consider and adopt within their own jurisdiction. However, the EIR considered a range of alternatives within the analysis so each jurisdiction could decide on an ordinance that fits their specific desires. Key issues examined include Air Quality, Hydrology/Water Quality, Biological Resources, Utilities and Service Systems, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The ordinance in San Mateo County went into effect April 22, 2013.