Rincon's GHG Reporting and Verification Services team consists of California Air Resources Board (CARB)-accredited “Lead Verifiers” and “Sector-Specific Verifiers”and Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Approved "3rd Party Verifiers".  Rincon Consultants as a whole is formally accredited by CARB as an AB 32 GHG “Verification Body”  and by Ecology as a "Verification Body". As a recognized leader in air quality and GHG issues, we are uniquely qualified to support our clients with on-going GHG emissions management, monitoring, and reporting. Our GHG Verification Services are conducted exclusively by our Accredited Lead Verifiers, who have significant operational, emission calculation, and verification experience. Our verifiers understand the reporting and calculations requirements and have in depth air quality analysis and field experience applicable to the many complex industries covered by California Assembly Bill (AB) 32 and Washington State's Clean Air Rule, Chapter 173-442 WAC and the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, Chapter 173-441 WAC. This experience allows Rincon to not only provide comprehensive GHG reporting and verification services, but also provide in depth regulatory and technical review of the facility operating emissions calculations and data gathered so as to minimize uncertainty in the emissions reported to CARB and Ecology.

California AB 32 Reporting and Verification Services

Many industrial facilities in California are required to report and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mandated by the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32).  In December 2007, the CARB approved a mandatory GHG reporting regulation, which became effective January 2009 (Subchapter 10:  Climate Change, Sections 95100-95133 of Title 17, California Code of Regulations).  It requires organizations to measure, calculate, report, and verify their GHG emissions if they are in selected industry sectors (cement, electricity, refineries, cogeneration, and hydrogen plants) or are a general stationary combustion (GSC) source generating 25,000 metric tons or more of GHG emissions per year.  Third party GHG verification is required under the AB 32 regulation to ensure that reported emissions are accurate and independently verifiable.

Rincon provides California AB 23 GHG Reporting and Verification servcies throughout California. For more information regarding our services, call (805) 644-4455 or go here to identify contaction information for an office near you.

Washington Clean Air Rule Verification Services

Similar to the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), Washington State adopted the Clean Air Rule to reduce carbon pollution. Facilities covered by the Clean Air Rule, Chapter 173-442 WAC and the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, Chapter 173-441 WAC are required to submit an annual GHG emissions report, and a new three-year-compliance report showing how they met their required emission reduction. Both the greenhouse gas and the compliance report must be verified by an approved third party.  In 2017 organizations that are responsible for 100,000 metric tons of carbon pollution annually are required to cap and gradually reduce their emissions. Every three years, the threshold is lowered by 5,000 metric tons and more emitters are brought into the program. By 2035 the threshold will reach 70,000 metric tons where it will remain. Businesses categorized as energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries and fuel importers begin participating in the program in 2020.

Rincon provides Washington State GHG Reporting and Verification servcies from our Seattle field office. Staff are available by phone to provide more information, (206) 971-1177.

Please contact Erik Feldman for more information on Rincon's GHG Reporting and Verification services - efeldman@rinconconsultants.com