Since 2010, Rincon has provided assistance to the Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles with implementing a Sustainability Consultation Program to assist developers in identifying opportunities for integrating sustainable design features and best practices for building construction and operation that will bring new projects within the CDC’s jurisdiction into compliance with the requirements established by Title 24 and SB 375. The program involves a methodology for the evaluation and scoring of building and operation methods that increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Example projects to be funded with these resources include public service grants, single and multi-family rehabilitation, commercial rehabilitation, architectural barrier removal, public works improvements, housing production, park and recreation improvements and other economic development programs. Project recipients are located within unincorporated County areas as well as within the corporate jurisdictions of 48 participating cities for which CDC administers such programs.

Additionally, for the past 12 years (under four consecutive three-year contracts), Rincon has provided CEQA/NEPA documentation and Environmental Site Assessments consulting services to the Los Angeles Community Development Commission on hundreds of projects. This agency is in charge of providing Federal funding (through HUD) to projects throughout the County.