Rincon Response to COVID-19

March 19, 2020

To our valued professional community of clients, colleagues, and teaming partners:

The Rincon Consultants team is adapting daily as these unprecedented events unfold surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. First and foremost, we are committed to the safety, health, and well-being of our team members, clients, and communities. We continue to work diligently to support your mission-critical activities to keep communities supplied with necessary services and infrastructure such as water, gas, and electricity. We are committed as well to preserving future planning efforts that will allow us to recover and get back to normal once the emergency response period is over.

Our proactive approach helps ensure our client and project needs are met in partnership with us as we support solutions to every situation during this unprecedented time. This approach features the following aspects:

Business Continuity

Our extensive remote work platform positions the Rincon team to continue meeting the needs of our clients. We are fully functioning and nearly all of our projects are continuing as scheduled.

Client Support

We understand that many of our clients have or will experience some form of disruption. We are working diligently to connect with each of our clients to understand how they will adjust or modify business practices in the coming days and weeks so we may better assist during this unparalleled time.

Problem Solving

We are getting creative on the home front as we respond to shelter in place orders. Professionally, we are adapting to stay on track. Our Rincon team members are problem solvers by nature and finding innovative ways to help you stay on track is one of our top priorities.

If you need support for file sharing, remote database management, or alternative approaches to outreach events or public meetings, please contact us. We have great, tested approaches about how to meet your needs for public meetings, presentations, or even interviews remotely.

As we work to keep our workforce healthy and to be available for our clients while the response to the pandemic accelerates. My hope is that we collectively lean in together, collaborate, learn, and become stronger and more resilient.

Best regards,

John F. Dreher, Jr.
President | CEO
Rincon Consultants, Inc.

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