Shannon Carmack, from our Los Angeles office, took the initiative to raise a philanthropic effort with some our of leadersship, and that lead to Rincon getting involved in a new program.  ASCE developed a program called “Dream Big,” in which they committed to put a copy of the movie, “Dream Big: Engineering Our World,” as part of an educational toolkit, in every public school in America.  Doing so required them to ask for donations from our industry, and we were happy to participate.  We’re happy to have sponsored toolkits for following schools:

San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara/Ventura

  1. Laguna Middle School
  2. Sunset School
  3. Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education
  4. Adams Elementary
  5. La Patera Elementary
  6. Will Rogers Elementary


  1. Copper Hills Elementary
  2. Gibson Elementary
  3. Big Sur Charter School
  4. Mission Hill Middle
  5. Abraham Lincoln Middle


  1. Horton Elementary
  2. Paul Ecke-Central Elementary
  3. Christa McAuliffe Elementary
  4. Crafton Elementary School
  5. Fremont Elementary


  1. Roosevelt Elementary
  2. Esperanza Elementary
  3. Edwin Markham Middle
  4. Captain Raymond Collins School
  5. Lopez Elementary School


  1. Del Paso Heights Elementary
  2. Father Keith B. Kenny
  3. Ethel I. Baker Elementary
  4. Pacific Elementary
  5. Nicholas Elementary
  6. Peter Burnett Elementary
  7. Leataata Floyd Elementary


  1. Downtown Charter Academy
  2. Lincoln Elemntary
  3. MLK Jr Elementary
  4. West Oakland Middle
  5. Diablo View Middle School

Additonal (to make a nice round number)

  1. Nuestro Elementary School
  2. Gray Avenue Middle
  3. Mt Diablo Elementary
  4. Radcliff Elementary
  5. Mintie White Elementary
  6. Pajaro Middle
  7. North Monterey County Middle
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