With 15 million visitors per year, Pike Place Market is one of the most popular places in Seattle, Washington.  The market was established in 1907 and has become the go-to spot in the city for both residents and visitors alike, who come for its fresh produce, hand-crafted items, scenic dining, and colorful setting.  The historic and cultural significance of the market was recognized in 1972 with its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, ensuring its buildings and character of the area are preserved and protected for generations to come.

Our Architectural History group, a sub-group of our Cultural Resources service line, has recently had the amazing opportunity to help convey this rich history through our support of the Heritage Displays Project. The project is being completed by the Pike Place Market Foundation and the Friends of the Market and seeks to identify and asses the heritage displays at the market, a series of interpretive signs, murals, and other displays that tell the story of the people, culture, and history of the market. Along with identifying and assessing the conditions of the heritage displays, the project will also result in the development of a Draft Concept Plan that will provide treatment recommendations for existing displays, and will help guide the design and installation of new displays in the future.  Rincon has supported the project through the development of a GIS-enabled survey platform that has been used to inventory and document all of the displays throughout the market. We subsequently helped to train a group of volunteers to utilize and implement this modern survey tool and are now working to further refine the data so that it can be used to inform the Draft Concept Plan and future planning efforts.

We are excited to be assisting the Pike Place Market Foundation and Friends of the Market in this commendable project, which has received grant funding from 4Culture (Heritage Special Projects) and a donation from the Friends of the Market

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