Rincon Biologists hold federal 10(a)(1)(A) and state permits, and have specific expertise in conducting protocol surveys for special-status species and coordinating with resource agencies to develop measures to comply with regulatory requirements while meeting project objectives. 

Nesting Birds

General Avian Nesting Season: February through August 

Raptor Nesting Season: January through July

Coastal CA Gnatcatcher
(Federal Threatened)

Survey Requirements:
Mar 15-Jun 30 (6 surveys)
Jul 1-Mar 14 (9 surveys)

SW Willow Flycatcher
(Federal/State Endangered)

Survey Requirements: 
May 15-June 1 (1 survey)
June 1-June 24 (2 survey)
June 24-July 17 (2 surveys)

Least Bell’s Vireo
(Federal/State Endangered)

Survey Requirements:
Apr 10-Jul 31 (8 surveys)

Burrowing Owl
(CA Species of Concern) 

Survey Requirements: 
Feb 1-Aug 31 (4 surveys) 
Dec 1-Jan 31 (4 surveys)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
(Federal/State Threatened)

Survey Requirements:
Jun 15-Jul 1 (min 1 survey)
Jul 1-Jul 31 (min 2 surveys) 
Jul 31-Aug 15 (min 1 survey)

Additional Avian Species

Aquatic Species

January through June

Seasonal Botanical Survey Periods

Spring: March through May 

Summer: June through August

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