Senate Bill 330 - The Housing Crisis Act

January 30, 2020

Senate Bill 330 (The Housing Crisis Act of 2019) is now in effect. SB 330 seeks to boost home building throughout California by expediting the approval process for, and suspending or eliminating restrictions on housing development.

We strongly suggest that our clients, both public and private, review the bill to ensure compliance with new state law.

Aspects of the law that may affect your city, county, or project include:

  • Government Code §65905.5(a) limits the number of public hearings on a project to five (5) total, including publicly noticed committee hearings and any continuances of such public hearings.
  • Government Code §65941.1(a) implements a preliminary application review process and provides a checklist of items jurisdictions must provide to applicants for housing development projects.
  • Government Code §65943 establishes an expedited review process for entitlement applications for housing development projects.
  • Government Code §65589.5 details restrictions placed on jurisdictions for denying housing development projects for farm-worker housing, very low, low-, or moderate-income households, or an emergency shelter (§65589.5(d)); provides guidance on findings for denial should a jurisdiction disapprove a housing development project (§65589.5(j)); and describes the legal ramifications and jurisdictional liabilities of denying a project without just cause (§65589.5(k) through (n)).
  • Government Code §65913.10(a) requires that a city determine whether the proposed development project site is a historic site at the time the application for the housing development project is deemed complete.
  • Government Code §66300(b) restricts an affected city’s ability to enact development policies, standards or conditions that intend to limit housing development projects, including voter initiatives.
  • Government Code §66300(d) restricts an affected city’s ability to approve projects that would result in the demolition of existing dwelling units or occupied or vacant protected units, unless all stipulations of §66300(d)(2) apply.

Rincon can help!

Rincon can support you in ensuring compliance with SB 330 by providing:

  • Contract planning services (application checklist creation, application review, and application processing assistance);
  • Peer reviews;
  • Due Diligence Analyses including Historic Resource Evaluations;
  • CEQA compliance;
  • General Plan Updates;
  • Zoning Ordinance Updates including establishing objective design standards;
  • Housing Element Updates; and
  • General guidance for navigating the newest housing legislation.

For more information, please contact:
Sally Schifman, Senior Planner
(760) 918-9444 ext. 225