PFAS (Per or Poly Fluorinated Alkyl Substances)

In the headlines, in the environment, and not going anywhere.

PFAS, or per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, occupy a well-earned spot in headline news these days. These chemicals have been detected across the state of California in drinking water sources and based on several factors, including their recalcitrance, suspected toxicity, and chemical and physical properties, have become a top priority for regulatory agencies. The ubiquity of PFAS in the environment implicates municipalities, public agencies, the federal government, and private industry in the regulation and management of this multifaceted issue.

 Who is at Risk?

California regulators have identified several industries as potential contributors of PFAS to drinking water sources. Rincon Consultants has the expertise to strategize with owners and operators of the following types of facilities who may be implicated in emerging PFAS regulations:

  • Landfills
  • Airports
  • Chrome plating facilities
  • Public water suppliers
  • Refineries
  • Bulk fuel terminals
  • Non-airport fire training areas
  • Manufacturing sites where PFAS containing materials were used
  • Wastewater and pre-treatment plants

Our Expertise

PFAS add a new layer of complexity to site assessments and remediation. As regulatory agencies evaluate how to best approach PFAS regulation, Rincon Consultants is positioned to counsel clients across several industries on PFAS-related concerns from a place of experience, and by closely following PFAS-related regulatory actions in California. Rincon’s professional staff are prepared to work with clients on simple and effective means for approaching PFAS site investigations, understanding the level of risk at their facilities, recognizing the implications of PFAS detected during site investigations, and advocating for our clients in discussions with regulatory agencies.

From academic communities, to private industry, to regulatory agencies, the environmental, ecological, and human-health aspects of PFAS contamination remain a priority issue. Rincon Consultants is committed to being a trusted source of information for our clients as this issue continues to unfold.


Need Assistance with PFAS?

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