Rincon 2020 Charity Drive

Rincon is matching donations up to 10k!

In recent months, our communities have faced unprecedented health and economic hardships. The holiday season is typically a time when we reflect back on the past year and think about ways to give back to our communities and causes we care about. In past years, each Rincon office has been tasked with organizing a donation drive for their own selected cause. This year, in the spirit of togetherness, and in an effort to give back even more in these difficult times, Rincon is leading a companywide effort to solicit donations to help our communities address and recover from the continuing crisis caused by COVID-19.

To that end, we are matching employee donations to a cause of their selection that assists with COVID-19 recovery in some way, such as assisting impacted business, families, or supporting health research to treat or protect us from the virus. This year, Rincon is proud to announce the company will be matching donations up to $10,000. Rincon will donating the matching gift to both the CDC Foundation and Feeding America.



All of Us Crush Covid CDC Foundation Campaign Logo

CDC Foundation

More than 225,000 lives have been lost to COVID-19 in America alone. The novel coronavirus is the greatest threat of our time to our health and the economy. While a vaccine may soon be in the pipeline, all of us need to take action now to CRUSH COVID. 

The CDC Foundation is working closely with public health authorities nationwide to respond to the pandemic. Thanks to our donors, we have met critical needs, such as: 

  • distributing 7.3 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers;
  • providing lab and medical equipment;
  • supporting testing;
  • hiring 1,000 surge staff for health departments;
  • sponsoring national communication campaigns;
  • aiding long-term care facilities and community-based organizations serving under-resourced populations; and
  • supporting much-needed research.
Feeding America logo

Feeding America

Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Thanks to donations and support from businesses, government organizations and individuals like you, the Feeding America network of food banks, pantries and meal programs serve virtually every community in the United States — 40 million people, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors. Every year, Feeding America helps 1 in 7 Americans.

The Feeding America network provides over 4.3 billion meals annually, helping 1 in 7 Americans facing hunger live more secure and stable lives.

How we are leading the charge to solve hunger:

  • Supporting the nation’s largest network of food banks
  • Reaching 40 million people in need
  • Serving virtually every community in the United States
  • Leading the way in hunger research
  • Building powerful local and national partnerships