Rincon Expands Leadership Team with Four Director Promotions and One Key Director Hire

The Rincon team is starting the New Year with great news by announcing four Director-level promotions and a key Director hire. These Directors have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their field of expertise and dedication to excellence while representing Rincon’s core values.

Congratulations to Rincon’s Newly Promoted Directors!

Craig Huff Portrait

Craig Huff

Director, Information Technology and Graphic Services

“I have really enjoyed collaborating with Craig for over a decade. He is such a true professional that takes pride in his work and is in an often undervalued or overlooked position to protect the company ‘behind the scenes’. Craig addresses issues and solves problems with rigor, diligence and the occasional comedic tone.” 

— John Dreher, CEO

Craig has over 20 years of experience with geographic information technology and graphics services and has been on the Rincon Team for over 13 years. He is an unsung hero that works behind the scenes to ensure that we are able to do our work without disruption. Craig has continuously deployed new technologies to advance our enterprise-wide resiliency, security, and effectiveness. These tools were key to our success during crises (i.e. during multiple wildfires that threatened our offices and servers, statewide power outages, and the WFH transition during COVID), as well as advancing our security in the face of mounting cyber threats and global changes in cybersecurity. Through all these endeavors, Craig has kept the user experience in mind and remained open to suggestions, always seeking the best solution no matter how difficult to find or implement. He has done all of this in a rapidly changing environment as technology, systems, client and user needs/wants, and the market around us changes almost daily. This has meant long nights (working on our system after most everyone else is offline), weekends researching and testing to find solutions before Monday morning when everyone goes back online, and all the while knowing if he is doing a good job folks won’t think about him.

“Over the last 13 years, I have watched the firm establish and attain many new goals and deliver on a wide range of Client deliverables. New services, new products, new locations, and an equal amount of new successes to go along with it all. The growth of our organization has been nothing short of remarkable and it has been very fulfilling, both personally and professionally, to be a part of this transformation. It has been a privilege to work with such a diverse and empowering team and am grateful to be recognized as part of Rincon’s leadership.”

 Craig Huff

Julie Marshall Portrait

Julie Marshall

Director, Due Diligence

“Julie has played an important role building Rincon’s environmental due diligence program for the last 25 years and I look forward to continued success under Julie’s leadership as Director of the Due Diligence program and where she takes us next.”

 Torin Snyder, PG, CHG, QSD/P ToR, Principal

Julie has been employed with Rincon for more than 25 years and has valuable experience in Environmental Due Diligence assessment and investigation for real estate property transactions. During her Rincon career, Julie has grown and flourished into a key role in leading the Due Diligence team. Over the last few years, Julie has implemented more structure to the Due Diligence team which has allowed the team to take on more responsibility and build staff redundancy within the group. She has also expanded our Due Diligence portfolio by cultivating relationships which have led to many successful projects, including Los Angeles Metro and Southern California Edison. Julie is an enthusiastic team player and a compassionate, loyal Rincon leader.

“I started with Rincon practically right out of college and have been able to advance my career within this firm. Rincon continues to amaze me with their ability to fulfill clients’ needs, as well as staff growth for over 26 years. I’m proud that Rincon values my contribution to the team and look forward to our future together.” 

 Julie Marshall


Ryan Thacher Portrait

Ryan Thacher, PhD, PE

Director, Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

“Ryan has proven to be a leader and has a keen ability to solve complex challenges. I know he will be highly successful under his new role and I look forward to continued success exceeding our client’s expectations.” 

 Torin Snyder, PG, CHG, QSD/P ToR, Principal

Ryan has over 10 years of professional experience in environmental engineering. During his tenure at Rincon, he has demonstrated strong leadership and has played a critical role in securing and implementing complex and challenging work programs. Ryan is passionate and enthusiastic about new challenges while building a strong support team to deliver products that exceed our clients’ expectations. Ryan has filled an important leadership role for ESA out of Rincon’s Los Angeles office by making himself available to support and mentor staff. He has a contagious personality and the ability to effectively communicate and inspire team members to challenge themselves and deliver high-quality products. Ryan’s tenacious spirit is a driving force in the success of the ESA team and we’re delighted to have him on the team.

“Since day one I’ve been motivated by my enthusiastic, hard-working colleagues at Rincon spanning an incredible range of technical diversity. Working for a company that gauges success in terms of employee and client satisfaction is fulfilling, and certainly unique to the consulting industry. I’m thankful for the mentorship and support that has led me to this new role, and I’m excited for the opportunity to contribute to Rincon’s success in bigger and better ways!” 

 Ryan Thacher

Brenna Weatherby Portrait

Brenna Weatherby, MCP

Director, Environmental and Long-Range Planning

“Brenna is a joy to work with – she is thoughtful and thorough yet keeps her sense of humor no matter the challenge. She embodies all the best qualities of a leader, in that she is strategic (evident in her continued effort to build our long-range planning work), she communicates well and genuinely cares about the people she works with.” 

— Deanna Hansen, Principal

Brenna has over 20 years of professional experience in land use planning, California Coastal regulations, NEPA and CEQA regulations, and is skilled in the preparation of Zoning Ordinances, General Plans, Specific Plans, and CEQA related documents. She has been a valuable member of the Rincon team for over three years and is a superb example of someone who takes initiative and builds a practice. As a supervisor, she consistently encourages her team and spends the time needed to train them to be successful. As someone who embodies the Rincon values, Brenna exemplifies the Rincon spirit and we are proud to have her represent us to clients, mentor staff, and help lead Rincon into the future.

“After joining Rincon over three years ago, I worried that I wouldn’t fit in. I was a lifelong land planner who had just joined an environmental company. Instead, I found that I had joined a company that encourages innovation and creativity, provides the flexibility to achieve that work-life balance, and empowers staff to pursue their interests. This works in part because of the Company’s entrepreneurial culture and staff’s ongoing quest for knowledge. It’s infectious and I learn something new every day. It’s been extremely fulfilling to share this with our young staff, providing mentorship, guidance and encouragement as they shape their careers and become our future leaders. I’m so thankful for the support that has allowed me to become a better version of my professional self, honored to join Rincon’s leadership team, and excited to see what the future holds.”

— Brenna Weatherby

Last, but not least, please join us in welcoming Greg Ainsworth

to our Natural Resources Leadership Team! 

Greg Ainsworth Portrait

Greg Ainsworth 

Director, Natural Resources

“We are very excited to have someone of Greg’s reputation, technical caliber and professionalism rejoin our team. He is a great fit within our culture and we look forward to his contributions in further developing Rincon’s Arborist and Forestry Services practice in support of our Utility and Municipal clients, among others.” 

— Steven Hongola, Principal

After beginning his career as a Rincon intern, Greg returns to our team as a Natural Resources Director for Arborist and Forestry Services in our Ventura Office. He brings over 20 years of experience in managing private and public sector clients with extensive experience in project management, tree surveys, and biological resource assessments on a variety of community development, water, energy, and infrastructure-related projects. Greg specializes in regulatory and permit compliance associated with State regulations and local municipal codes related to tree protection, and is well-versed in the California Environmental Quality Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and other federal, state, and local regulations. His technical strengths include tree surveys and risk assessments, plan check review for local municipalities, biological resource studies, mitigation development, state and federal wetland and species permitting, and restoration planning. He is an enthusiastic, ardent supporter of Rincon, we are delighted to welcome back Greg!

“I am thrilled to see that the culture here at Rincon is as great as it was 18 years ago when I was just cutting my teeth in environmental consulting. So many smart and talented staff around me with a depth of experience that is unparalleled. Thanks for making me feel at home! Excited to be back, and look forward to making my mark!” 

— Greg Ainsworth