The Rincon Main Emergency Relocation at Ayers Creek

Receives APWA 2020 Project of the Year Award



Rincon Main Emergency Relocation at Ayers Creek

APWA 2020 Project of the Year Award in the Disaster/Emergency Repair Category


We are proud and excited to announce that the Public Works Association (APWA) Ventura County Chapter has awarded the Rincon Main Emergency Relocation at Ayers Creek as 2020 Project of the Year, under the Disaster/Emergency Repair Category.

Rincon assisted the Casitas Municipal Water District (Casitas) with environmental support services for the Rincon Main Pipeline Relocation Project conducted at Ayers Creek. The is pipeline carries potable water from the Casitas’ water treatment plant west toward Carpinteria. This pipeline serves as the only potable water supply source for many communities including Rincon, La Conchita, and the Solimar Beach area.

Initially, the proposed project would abandon the existing damaged segment of pipeline, blow-off valve, and blow-off valve vault in place. Then, implement a new 150 linear foot pipeline section (approximately 12 feet higher in elevation than the original low point) using an 18-inch pipe, and install a new blow-off valve.

The Rincon team permitted the project and wrote the Biological Resource Assessment (BRA). We streamlined permitting under NWP (Nationwide Permit) 12 (Utility Line Activities) and the associated water quality certification, and a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement (LSAA) from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This effort was supported by our teaming partner, MNS Engineers Inc., who provided the engineering design for the pipeline.

This project took a sudden turn in August 2020, when the 18-inch pipeline with a normal operating pressure of 300 pounds per square inch (psi) burst at its crossing with Ayers Creek, causing a loss of water supply to the beach communities it serves. The pipe is approximately 30 feet deep at this location and open trench excavation commenced to expose the break for repair. The estimated leak rate ranged from 50 gallons per minute to 100 gallons per minute, a failure requiring the immediate need for emergency replacement of approximately 160 linear feet of water main.

The pipe burst shifted the project’s focus to emergency response. The impact area increased significantly from what was previously permitted as a result of the emergency. Rincon documented every move Casitas made to avoid and minimize impacts to Ayers Creek and associated riparian vegetation. Our team met with agency representatives onsite to keep them informed of the status of the repair and were able to quickly guide the Casitas through the emergency notification process (all notifications detailing the emergency were sent to the appropriate agencies on time). This was another great example of how the Rincon team can provide value-added services to our clients. Rincon will present this project at the APWA Awards Ceremony on July 8th, 2021. We would like to thank the APWA Award Jury for this recognition.

Congratulations to all who contributed to this award-winning project!

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