Mike Gialketsis

AEP Al Reynolds Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award Winner



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AEP Honors Rincon’s Mike Gialketsis with Lifetime Achievement Award!

This past spring, as the California Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) award nominations opened up, the Al Reynolds Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award seemed particularly appealing, and we had someone in mind – Rincon’s founder, Mike Gialketsis. The Al Reynolds Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award, established in 2005, is the most prestigious of all awards presented by AEP. It acknowledges superior achievement throughout the recipient’s entire career.

As part of the nomination, we had to submit support letters from at least two AEP members, and of course, Mike got nine very lengthy letters. That is a fraction of the impact he has made over the years at Rincon and the legacy he leaves behind. Many of the words and sentiments used to talk about Mike were repeated throughout the letters such as leader, mentor, inspire, raised the bar, and collaboration. But the sentiment felt throughout all the letters, and the firm is how kind and genuine Mike truly is.

The awards ceremony was held the evening of August 16th at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach. Although Mike was unable to attend in person, we provided a virtual acceptance speech which can be viewed here!

“Mike has been a visionary for the environmental consulting industry. He always seems one step ahead, anticipating the next transformative project, technological innovation, or policy change that will allow the industry to transcend.”
– Rich Daulton, Principal

Congratulations, Mike!

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