2024 Spring Surveys

Botanical ● Nesting Birds ● Aquatic ● Reptiles ● Small Mammals

It’s that time of year! Rincon Biologists hold Federal 10(a)(1)(A) and State permits and have specific expertise in conducting protocol surveys for special-status species. Our Biologists coordinate with resource agencies to develop measures to comply with regulatory requirements while meeting project objectives. Reach out to us for your Spring Survey needs!

Seasonal Botanical Survey Periods

Spring: March through May

Summer: June through August

Nevin’s barberry
Pismo clarkia
Gaviota tarplant
Kern mallow
San Fernando Valley spineflower
Lyon’s pentachaeta
Thread-leaved brodiaea
California jewelflower
San Joaquin adobe sunburst

Nesting Birds

General Avian Nesting Season: February through August

Raptor Nesting Season: January through July

Coastal CA Gnatcatcher
(Federal Threatened)

Survey Requirements:
Mar 15-Jun 30 (6 surveys)
Jul 1-Mar 14 (9 surveys)

SW Willow Flycatcher
(Federal/State Endangered)

Survey Requirements:
May 15-June 1 (1 survey)
June 1-June 24 (2 survey)
June 24-July 17 (2 surveys)

Least Bell’s Vireo
(Federal/State Endangered)

Survey Requirements:
Apr 10-Jul 31 (8 surveys)

Burrowing Owl
(CA Species of Concern)

Survey Requirements:
Feb 1-Aug 31 (4 surveys)
Dec 1-Jan 31 (4 surveys)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
(Federal/State Threatened)

Survey Requirements:
Jun 15-Jul 1 (min 1 survey)
Jul 1-Jul 31 (min 2 surveys)
Jul 31-Aug 15 (min 1 survey)

Additional Avian Species

Snowy Plover
Swainson’s Hawk
White Tail Kite
California’s Least Tern

Aquatic Species

January through June

Tidewater Goby
Santa Ana Sucker
Arroyo Chub
California Steelhead

Reptile Species

Desert tortoise
(Federally Threatened/State Candidate Endangered

Spring and Fall Surveys

Blunt-nosed leopard lizard
(State FP, Federally Endangered)

April 15th – September 30th

Western pond turtle
Western Pond Turtle
Flat-tailed horned lizard

April – September

Western pond turtle
Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard
(Federally Threatened/State Endangered)
California red-legged frog
(Federally Threatened)

February – April

Small Mammals

Spring through Summer

San Joaquin (Nelson’s) Antelope squirrel
(State Threatened)
Mojave ground squirrel
(State Threatened)
Tipton kangaroo rat
(Federal/State Endangered)
Giant kangaroo rat
(Federal/State Endangered)
Fresno kangaroo rat
(Federal/State Endangered)