Congratulations to Rincon’s New Vice Presidents of Natural Resources!

We are excited to announce the promotions of Sherri Miller and David Daitch, PhD to Vice Presidents of Natural Resources.

We recognize and thank Sherri and David for their significant contributions and dedication in leading both the Natural Resources (NR) team and Rincon in various roles. Sherri and David illustrate a key aspect of Rincon’s success, the advancement of our team through both outside addition and development from within. Please join us in congratulating them on this significant accomplishment!

Julie Marshall Portrait

Sherri Miller

Vice President, Natural Resources

“Sherri has been instrumental in moving forward several of the Natural Resource Team’s strategic initiatives. She can look at complex problems and break them down into manageable pieces, to bring in collaborators, and share in the development of a solution. She is willing to roll up her sleeves and step into any challenge, no matter how daunting, all while maintaining lines of connection throughout the team. Sherri is vested in the success of the team as a whole and in each individual. Most importantly, she is open to feedback, strives to build consensus, and fosters growth for her team. 

Lacrissa Davis, Chief Financial Officer 

Sherri joined Rincon in 2020 and has 28 years of experience in her field. As a Vice President within the Natural Resources group, she collaborates with the Executive Team, NR Operations Team, and leadership across the firm to promote financial literacy and meet our financial and operational goals. In support of our growth across the state, Sherri is working with the NR Leadership Team to create a shared vision, increase collaboration and efficiencies, and support leadership growth. Within the NR group, she is leading the Operations team and serves as an advisor to the Client Management, Talent Advancement, and Technical Services teams in implementing various strategic initiatives. On a project level, she is providing project controls support to two large utility client programs in southern and central California and overseeing a major rail compliance program in the Central Valley.

“I really enjoy working at Rincon because it is a very collaborative, supportive company. I look forward to continuing to work with staff across the company to meet our financial and operational goals.”

— Sherri Miller

Julie Marshall Portrait

David Daitch, PhD

Vice President, Natural Resources

“It has been a privilege to work with Dave for nearly a decade. During that time, he has made significant contributions to Rincon in building a strong Renewable Energy practice, adding technical depth to our Natural and Cultural Resources team as both a Principal Biologist and Paleontologist and as a leading influence for the growth and development of our team members. I am looking forward to continued collaboration with Dave in his new role in advancing the strategic objectives of the Natural Resources team and the company.”

— Steven Hongola, Executive Vice President

David has been at Rincon for over nine years and has been an expert in his field for over 25 years. As a Vice President in the Natural Resources group, David’s responsibilities pertain predominantly to supporting the team in providing excellent client services. This involves a mix of setting expectations, clearing roadblocks, mentoring, tracking business metrics, and educating the team on business best practices, managing company risks, and on the best of days, inspiring others to be the best they can be. In his new role, he will continue to oversee the Renewable Energy market sector, while building a team to execute project and client management within the NR service line and ultimately pass oversight of this market sector to the next generation. David also provides guidance to NR’s four strategic groups (Operations, Business Development and Client Management, Talent Advancement and Technical Services), with a primary focus on Technical Services where he ensures the continued development of the team’s expertise, provides exceptional training opportunities, ensures the best possible QA/QC oversight, provides internal and external access to regulatory changes and updates, and works toward technological innovations so that Rincon remains at the forefront of environmental consulting.


“Everything I know about Environmental Regulations in California I learned from Rincon. I appreciate the recognition that comes with this promotion, but more than anything, I am thrilled that such an incredible team of exceptional individuals feels I have added value to this exceptional firm.”

— David Daitch

Congratulations, Sherri and David!