Rincon Welcomes New Climate Adaptation & Resilience Specialist, Frederico Scarelli, PhD!

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Frederico Scarelli, PhD

Climate Adaptation & Resilience Specialist

“Frederico is a great new addition to the Rincon Team. His strong background in sea level rise analysis and the development of nature-based solutions expand upon Rincon’s existing Sustainability and Climate Resilience practice. His positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and technical expertise has already integrated him into the team and has contributed to exciting advancements in our technical execution of projects and the development of innovative solutions for our clients.”

Erik Feldman, Principal, Environmental Planning

Frederico has over 12 years of experience designing, planning, and executing nature-based solutions and climate resilience projects in Italy, Brazil, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. He specializes in GIS, spatial analysis, coastal process and hazards, restoration, and management; sea-level rise studies; shoreline modeling; surveys, data processing, and analyses; preparation of master plans and monitoring plans. As Rincon’s Climate Adaptation and Resilience Specialist, Federico will help collaborate with internal and external technical experts and develop methodology and strategy for sea-level rise, climate adaptation, and resilience projects. He will be the contact for various members of public agencies and private client staff on matters of sustainability and climate action and adaptation and prepare vulnerability assessments, adaptation plans, general plan safety elements, local hazard mitigation plans, post-disaster recovery plans, sea-level rise assessments, and other types of risk and resilience planning efforts. Welcome, Frederico!

“The level of professionalism and ethics at Rincon, as well as Rincon’s transparency and growth supportive environment, inspired and motivated me to join the company. I am thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to Rincon’s success through the advancement of scientifical and business solutions to solve environmental challenging issues while providing outstanding services for our clients.”

—  Frederico Scarelli

Welcome, Frederico!