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2023 APA California Conference


The Rincon Consultants, Inc. team is ramping up to attend the American Planning Association’s (APA’s) 2023 California Conference: “Planning at the Crossroads” from September 16-19th! We are thrilled to be attending, sponsoring, exhibiting, and speaking at this year’s event, celebrating 75 years of APA’s California Chapter, in Fresno. 

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Do San Joaquin Valley’s Groundwater Sustainability Plans Accommodate for RHNA Growth?

Sept 16, 2023 | 1:00 PM-2:30 PM PST

Rincon Speaker: Rosalyn Prickett, Principal 

This session will address water demands associated with RHNA growth in the San Joaquin Valley and how those demands compare to the water demands assumed in the region’s Groundwater Sustainability Plans. Have local groundwater managers planned for future housing growth? Will there be adequate water supply available to serve housing growth? What additional sources of supply could be developed to complement groundwater to meet RHNA numbers? This session will explore water supply sources and availability throughout the eight counties spanning the San Joaquin Valley.

Family Feud! Planner Edition 

Sept 16, 2023 | 2:45 PM-3:45 PM PST

Rincon Speakers: Jenna Reese, Planner, and Jason Montague, Planner 

In this interactive session, young urban planners will have the opportunity to play a Family Feud-style game that tests their knowledge of urban planning concepts and principles. Divided into teams, participants will compete against each other to guess the top answers to questions related to time management, tips/tricks for success, networking, planning resources and tools, and other topics. The game will not only provide an engaging and fun way to learn about key urban planning issues but will also encourage networking and collaboration among young professionals in the field. Join us for a lively and informative session that will appeal to planners of all levels of experience. 

Mobile Workshop #3: After the Creek Fire: “THE NEW NORMAL” & Wildfire Planning 

Sept 17, 2023 | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM PST

Rincon Speaker: Matt Maddox, Principal 

The tour will travel up SR 168 providing views of the fire damage and continued clean-up efforts. County Supervisor Nathan Magsig will discuss his experiences during the fire along with forester John Mount. Matt Maddox will discuss wildfire planning and its connection to CEQA. We will stop at the Museum of the Sierra at Shaver Lake to learn Sierra Nevada history in developing logging, flumes (the real log rides) and sawmills, development of hydroelectric power, and Native American history in this region. Lunch will be provided. This workshop will include several stops to survey fire damaged areas and walking around outside exhibits at the museum at elevations close to 6,000 feet. Closed toed shoes and sun protection are required, and dressing in layers are recommended as weather in the mountains can change quickly. 

Four State Agencies Walk into a Bar: Balancing Local and State Priorities in General Plans 

Sept 17, 2023 | 1:00 PM-2:30 PM PST 

Rincon Speaker: Della Acosta, Senior Planner 

So, you want to update your General Plan but are a bit overwhelmed? Updates now require coordination with local, regional, and State agencies for specific elements, so how do you connect the dots of all the requirements and agency reviews? Not every agency enjoys the same choice of beverage, so how do you get everyone to belly up to the bar and work together so you can create a more integrated, holistic general plan? Join our roundtable discussion on balancing and integrating local, regional, and State priorities and getting everyone to collaborate when developing your General Plan. 

HSR Planning in the San Joaquin Valley – the Early Years 

Sept 17, 2023 | 3:00 PM-4:30 PM PST 

Rincon Speaker: Eric VonBerg, Supervising Environmental Planner 

Take a look back at HSR planning in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley from those who were there. Revisit the alignment selection and station planning processes and the influences on what is now being constructed. You’ll hear from Ashley Swearengin, former Mayor of Fresno, and a pioneering champion of the project in the San Joaquin Valley (“You had me at hello”). Lee Ann Eager, Chair of the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and President/CEO of the Fresno EDC, will recount her ongoing 15-year partnership with the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA). Bob Lagomarsino and Eric Von Berg were part of the design and planning team working on the Fresno to Palmdale segment of HSR ahead of the Prop 1A bond election in 2008. They will discuss the process of refining the rail alignment through the Valley and station locations that were considered in the 2005 California High-Speed Train Program EIR/EIS. This included grappling with the details of following through on CHSRA’s agreement of to require alignments to parallel existing transportation corridors and to have stations in Valley downtowns. Learn about how the refined focus attracted increased public and political scrutiny, particularly in Fresno County, where residents voted in favor of the Prop 1A. How did perceptions and perspectives evolve? How did alignment alternatives and station options change and what led to what is being built today? 

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Rincon’s APA Award-Winning Projects

  • Los Angeles Section, Innovation in Green Community Planning, “City of Burbank’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan”, 2023 
  • Central Coast Section, Award of Excellence, Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction, “City of Port Hueneme General Plan”, 2022 
  • Sacramento Valley Section, Emerging Planner Award, “Katherine Green, AICP“, 2021 
  • Central Section, Award of Merit, Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction, “Kerman General Plan Update and Program EIR“, 2021 
  • Central Coast Section, Economic and Development Planning Merit Award, “Goleta Train Depot Master Plan”, 2020 
  • Northern Section, Award of Merit, Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction, “Bayfair Transit-Oriented Development Specific Plan”, 2019 
  • Central Coast Section, Communications Initiative Merit Award, “Restore the Community: A Disaster Recovery Resources for Planning Departments“, 2019 
  • Inland Empire Section, Best Practices Merit Award, “Rancho Mirage General Plan Update”, 2018 
  • Northern Section, Excellence in Economic Planning and Development Award, “Ashland and Cherryland Business District Specific Plan and Code”, 2016 
  • Central Coast Section, Award of Merit, Transportation Planning, “Chorro Valley Trail Study”, 2015 
  • Comprehensive Planning Award for a Large Jurisdiction Award of Merit, “City of Long Beach Downtown Plan”, 2013 
  • Central Coast Section, Outstanding Planning: Focused Issue Award of Merit, “Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District Open Space, Trails, and Greenways Planning Study”, 2013 
  • Planning Excellence in Implementation, Large Jurisdiction, “The City of Los Angeles Downtown Street Standards and Urban Design Guidelines”, 2009 
  • Award of Merit, “City of Paso Robles 2003 General Plan,” 2004 
  • Honorable Mention, “City of Ojai Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan,” 2001 
  • Technology Award, “City of Santa Paula GIS Database,” 1995 
  • Comprehensive Planning Award, “City of Santa Maria Sphere of Influence Study”, 1994 

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